Manic Panic Classic Creme 237 ml Cotton Candy

Manic Panic Classic Creme 237 ml Cotton Candy
Brand: Manic Panic
Color: Röd
Size: 237
23.37 EUR 27.5 EUR

Neon Cotton Candy Pink is a lovely, bright cool-toned pink hair dye. This shade glows under a black light, so we recommend using Cotton Candy Pink on hair that’s been lightened to a very light level 9 blonde.Use:1.Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo like our Prepare To Dye® Clarifying Shampoo (do not condition) and blow-dry until fully dry! 2.Gather your supplies! Get a t-shirt (that you don’t mind getting color on), gloves, Color, mixing bowl, tint brush, towel, dye away wipes, and coconut oil (or other protective cream) for your hairline, and set up your spot! Make sure to be careful to avoid splattering dye on any porous surfaces. 3.Perform a strand test and patch test. 4.Apply Manic Panic® Hair Color evenly and fully saturate your strands making sure to work in small sections. 5.Cover hair with a plastic cap (not necessary but can help with processing and clean up). 6.Use a hairdryer to apply heat to your hair for part of the processing time (not necessary but can ensure hair follicles are primed for best absorption). 7.Leave color on for 30 minutes or longer. Since Manic Panic® is non-damaging, you can leave it on for an hour or more! 8.Rinse hair color with cold running water (making sure to avoid your eyes and face). Shampoo and conditioner are unnecessary since Manic Panic® acts as a conditioner while it’s in, but we like to use our conditioner for added softness and shine. Make sure to rinse thoroughly over the sink (but be mindful of where you rinse at it can stain porous surfaces)! To ensure most shades are adequately rinsed, rinse until the water runs almost clear. 9.Towel and/or blow dry hair (make sure to use a dark-colored towel to avoid staining). Style as usual. Take on the world. 237 ml Manic Panic Classic Creme 237 ml Cotton Candy