Maui Moisture Agave Shampoo 385 ml

Maui Moisture Agave Shampoo 385 ml
Brand: Maui Moisture
Size: 385
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Maui Moisture Agave shampoo is a gentle shampoo filled with rich agave, hibiscus and pineapple extract that soothes and repairs hair. Perfect for you with fragile and damaged hair. Strength & Length + Agave Shampoo increases the hair’s elasticity and strengthens the hair strands so they do not break off. The hair becomes healthy, shiny and easy to sort out.- Suitable for longer hair- Softens, repairs and strengthens hairs- Moisturizing aloe vera juice as the main ingredient- Vegan- Packaging of recycled materialWithout mineral oil, silicones, gluten, surfactants or synthetic dyes"Feel good about looking beautiful". Maui Moisture is vegan hair products containing pure aloe vera juice as the first ingredient that will transport you into a world of new exotic scents, ingredients and rituals. Each unique tropical blend is designed to boost your hair’s natural look, increase awareness of your senses and restore your inner sense of beauty and balance. Maui Moisture is responsibly developed and made with eco-friendly materials. Only healthy ingredients for healthy hair! Maui Moisture Agave Shampoo 385 ml