NovaHair Anti Hair Loss & Regenerating Set

NovaHair Anti Hair Loss & Regenerating Set
Brand: NovaHair
Size: 600
50.5 EUR

An indispensable kit with shampoo, conditioner and hair mask spray to strengthen thin and dry hair, with natural active ingredients - ideal for hair loss and hair thinning. The combination of natural plant extracts: onion, garlic and watercress helps to stimulate the hair follicles while reducing hair loss. The products leave a very pleasant and fresh scent on the hair (they do not smell like onions or garlic).This is a complete kit of natural hair care that does good for the hair and helps it look fresh and healthy.What they do:Natural active substances that strengthen the hair.Smells fresh (no onion or garlic smells)Can be used for daily hair care.Formulated with i.a. argan oil, panthenol, onion extract, garlic extract, watercress, hydrolyzed creatine.For all hair types.Onion extract stimulates hair follicles and hair growth.Garlic extract inhibits hair loss and accelerates their growth.Watercress strengthens hair roots and moisturizes the hair.For both men and women.Gift packaging.Not animal tested.Dermatologically tested.NovaHair’s products are produced under strict conditions in accordance with GMP.What super ingredients are there in NovaHair - Anti Hair Loss & Regenerating Kit?Garlic extract has a strong antibacterial and medicinal effect that can be used in various treatments. It is suitable to use garlic for the hair because it benefits the hair in general and counteracts infections and fungi that can weaken it. Garlic has an antibacterial effect that can be compared to antibiotics. For this reason, garlic oil can reduce the number of bacteria and infections in the scalp that cause itching and sores, and can also stimulate hair growth.Onion extract has many components that are good for hair growth, especially sulfur. When you apply onion to your scalp, it improves blood circulation, which facilitates new hair growth. Furthermore, sulfur can improve the body’s production of collagen tissue, which is very important for hair growth. In addition to the previously mentioned properties, onions are antibacterial, which means that they get rid of fungi and bacteria that live in the scalp and prevent hair growth. Regular use also stimulates blood circulation and thus also the hair follicles.Watercress is beneficial for the scalp as it contains various minerals and vitamins. Due to the presence of zinc and sulphur, it protects the hair and scalp against bacterial infections that affect the scalp and hair. It is also known to moisturize the scalp and thus prevent dehydration and dry scalp. Watercress also promotes hair growth because it has the ability to balance the effect of hormones, and it contains vitamin A, which provides the hair with the nutrients needed for thick hair growth. The substance also strengthens hair growth as it contains minerals, vitamins.Argan oil is a unique oil from the Moroccan argan tree and is very potent as a nutrient and moisturizer for skin and hair. Thanks to its high content of vitamin A, vitamin E, antioxidants and omega 6 fatty acids, it has many uses. Argan oil can be used to reduce inflammation in the skin, it is therefore well suited for use by people with sensitive or damaged skin. Even for people without major problems with skin or hair, it is a really excellent idea to use the oil daily. Everything to keep the skin exceptionally smooth and hydrated and the hair shiny and healthy.Panthenol The hair consists to a certain extent of panthenol, which makes it easier for the ingredient to penetrate deep into its so-called cortex, which causes the hair to swell slightly and thus create more volume. Just like in the skin, panthenol is converted to provitamin B5 in the hair, which keeps it hydrated for longer. It also forms a film of moisture on the hair shaft, which gives the hair extra protection. Panthenol thus has an ability to regulate the moisture content and at the same time increase the hair’s resistance to damage and dehydration. Thanks to its moisturizing effect, panthenol can also give more shine to the hair and counteract frizz.Hydrolyzed Keratin is a large protein molecule that penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen the hair, reduce frizz and increase elasticity. This multi-functional ingredient can turn back the clock on damage and strengthen hair. Age-related decline as well as damage from styling products and tools can result in less stable and flexible hair, causing hair to become dry and break.The kit contains the following:1pc NovaHair - Anti Hair Loss & Regenerating Shampoo 200ml1pc NovaHair - Anti Hair Loss & Regenerating Conditioner 200ml1pc NovaHair - Anti Hair Loss & Regenerating Spray Mask 200mlUse:NovaHair - Anti Hair Loss & Regenerating Shampoo 200mlUser instructions:Massage the shampoo into wet hair and massage carefully with circular movements into the scalp.After shampooing, rinse thoroughly with water.For best results, use together with NovaHair hair conditioner and spray mask. NovaHair - Anti Hair Loss & NovaHair Anti Hair Loss & Regenerating Set